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Sensational destination in the Gulf of Morbihan

A small inland sea that gives Morbihan its unique character and name, and that can be visited by following the coastal paths that border it for more than 180 km, or by taking a cruise to discover its riches, or even by landing on one of its many islands in search of hidden treasures.

A little etymology

Morbihan, a Breton name :

MOR: sea

BIHAN : small

It's the Gulf that gives our department its Breton name.

One of the main reasons why it's a must-see, must-do, must-explore destination on land or sea.

Why visit the Golfe du Morbihan?

Breathtaking, soothing and typical seascapes - that's how you could sum up this exceptional territory in Southern Brittany.

But the Golfe du Morbihan is also home to a wealth of birdlife and flora in the heart of the nature park. For bird lovers, a visit to the Marais de Séné is a must. This remarkable area is recognized at European level for its biodiversity, particularly of waterfowl.

A flagship event, the Semaine du Golfe takes place every two years. Live to the rhythm of old riggings and traditional boats.

See you in 2025 for the next edition!

Where to go in the Gulf of Morbihan?
What to see and do in the Golfe du Morbihan?

  • Valves
  • A guided cruise
  • A hike along the coastal paths
  • Oyster tasting
  • Visit an island
  • Learn about the history of the first inhabitants (Gavrinis, Petit Mont...)
  • Auray

Which island to visit in the Golfe du Morbihan?

  • Île aux Moines, nicknamed the "Pearl of the Gulf", offers a wide range of seascapes, picturesque streets lined with flowers and plants, and the charm of island life. Leaving from Port-Blanc, the crossing is quick - just 5 minutes - and you're already somewhere else. To the left, towards the village, or to the right, towards the large beach with its colorful cabins? On foot or by bike? The choice is yours?
  • L'île d'Arz or l'île des capitaines is wilder and more indented than its bigger sister. Also less steep, it's easy to walk around the island and discover its small coves and the Berno tide mill. Retrace the lives of sailors and captains when you visit the eponymous museum in the heyday of sailing.
  • Berder Island is only accessible at low tide via the submersible passage. The rest of the island is private. The best part is waiting for low tide, and the discovery of the gois.
  • Gavrinis is an exceptional megalithic site thanks to its caïrn, one of the most beautiful and best preserved. Its insularity and the engravings on the slabs of the corridor and the chamber make it a very special place, especially as the mystery of these engravings remains unsolved. The Caïrn can be visited in limited numbers.
  • And also Ilur, Tascon among the best known

A vacation home to visit Morbihan and its Gulf

Whether you're on a romantic getaway with family or friends in Brittany, the Gîtes de Kervarc'h are the perfect place to visit the Gulf of Morbihan and the rest of its heritage.

Our strengths :

  • A cosy gîte for a weekend or a week or more,
  • well-equipped for home-style cooking,
  • good beds to wake up in good shape in the morning
  • bed linen, towels and kitchen linen provided
  • wifi,
  • a wood-burning stove,
  • a garden for sunny days,
  • board games,
  • and pets are welcome

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