The history of the Kervarc'h gîtes

Choosing Les Gîtes de Kervarc'h [pronounced kervarrr] for your next vacation in Southern Brittany means opting for relaxation between sea and countryside, while enjoying modern comforts in these superbly renovated gîtes, with their modern, comfortable atmosphere. From these old farmhouses where family spirit and respect for tradition vibrate. Marie warmly welcomes you with her smile, her kindness and her sound advice for a successful stay.

A family history since 1860

Although Marie's family moved in around 1860, most of the buildings at Kervarc'h appear on the Napoleonic cadastre as early as 1845. At that time, "le Maquignon" made a name for itself with its horse breeding business, which produced prize-winning stallions. This activity declined, but did not disappear, as agriculture developed.

Horses are used to work the fields, and the farm also has oxen, cows, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, etc.

A working life punctuated by traditional festivities

Life here is tough, but fortunately it's punctuated by great community moments: threshing, the rendering of pigs whose meat is preserved with salt in a large earthen jar. Or the harvesting of hay and cereals, an old-fashioned festival that is revived in the surrounding villages in summer. 

Weddings bring the family together for a day of festivities. Everyone sits down in the trenches dug in the ground to "draw" tables and benches. The women are dressed in a simple dress to which is attached "the piece": the apron. A true work of art, the apron is decorated with fine embroidery, silks, lace and velvet. It's a work of art that reflects the wearer's social standing.

The bride of course wears the traditional headdress, enhanced by a crown or tiara, often made with flowers. This ornament is then carefully stored in a display case.

Time for renovation

The renovation of the Kervarc'h site began in 1978. Marie's tireless father, Emile, was at the helm. A multi-stage project ...

1982 to 1984: Structural work

Emile starts by making the rightmost part habitable. In 1984, the exterior and roof of the farmhouse were renovated. Renderings were removed, rubble stones were exposed, walls were straightened, and openings were created, modified or even rediscovered.

1986: "Ty Hélène" and its original fireplace

"Ty Hélène" was opened in 1986, with its beautiful exposed stonework, beams and magnificent original fireplace. Named after Marie's grandmother, Hélène prepared the "patates" for the pigs and smoked the andouilles.

1991: "Ty Léon-Rose" the only
destination unchanged

The only gîte to retain its original purpose, "Ty Léon-Rose" has always been a dwelling house with a living room, a bedroom on the ground floor and an attic upstairs. Its use has changed little, nor has its layout. Except for the creation of bedrooms upstairs and an opening for a bedroom.

1995: "Ty Jean-Michel" bright and pleasant to live in

"Ty Hélène (the "ty chtal")" and "Ty Jean-Michel", a former stable and later cowshed, housed the cows until 1976. Separated only by a partial wall, with the first floor used as a hayloft, they housed stocks of beet, of which the animals were very fond. Emile, a quantity surveyor by profession, renovated them, creating a perfectly symmetrical layout on either side of the dividing wall. Ty Jean-Michel, completed in 1995, is east-west facing, bright and pleasant to live in.

2008: "le Loft" the former hayloft

In 2008, it was Marie's turn to embark on the renovation. The latest addition, "Le Loft", was renovated according to her plans. The former hayloft was completely remodeled to create atypical, attractive volumes.

2017 "Ty Joséphine" & "Ty Jeanne-Louise", the former farmhouse dating from 1719

A former farmhouse, this is the former home of Josephine, the family's neighbor. Bought by Marie in 2017, the renovation of these buildings respects the character of the village and uses the finest materials for a warm and cosy finish.

The Morbihan coastline for a breath of ocean air

The Kervarc'h gîtes are ideally located in the heart of the wild Dunes from Gâvres to Quiberon.
They open the doors to the Morbihan coastline and let you savor the Breton heritage.

Kervarc'h's core values

Strong values drive us to offer you a successful relaxing stay.

Brittany, our roots

A passionate Breton, Marie
shares her region and its history with you.

Animals, our friends

An animal lover, Marie
welcomes animals to each of her gîtes.

The environment, our goal

As a responsible citizen, Marie
works to reduce the ecological footprint of her gîtes.