1. This seasonal rental contract is reserved exclusively for the rental of Gîtes de France accommodation approved by the relevant departmental or interdepartmental office on behalf of the Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France.

  2. Duration of stay The tenant who signs the present contract for a fixed period may under no circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

  3. Conclusion of contract Booking becomes effective once the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 25% of the total rental amount and a signed copy of the contract by the specified deadline. A 2nd copy is to be kept by the tenant. Under no circumstances may the rental agreed between the parties to the present contract be extended, even partially, to third parties, whether natural persons or legal entities, without the written agreement of the owner. Any breach of this last paragraph may result in immediate termination of the rental agreement, with the tenant being liable, and the proceeds of the rental agreement remaining the property of the owner.

  4. No right of withdrawal For reservations made by mail, telephone or internet, the tenant does not benefit from the withdrawal period, and this in accordance with the law L121-20-4 of the Consumer Code relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services supplied on a specific date or at a specific time.

  5. Cancellation by tenant : WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE OUT CANCELLATION INSURANCE, our partner Chapka with Tranquiloc covers this risk, and covid, villégiature.

    Tocellations must be notified to the owner by registered letter.

                1. Cancellation before arrival: the deposit remains the property of the owner. The owner may request the balance of the stay if the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date. If the tenant does not show up within 24 hours of the arrival date indicated on the contract, the present contract becomes null and void and the owner may dispose of the gîte. The deposit also remains the property of the owner, who will request payment of the balance of the rental.

                2. b. If the stay is cut short: the rental price is retained by the owner. No refund will be made.

  6. Cancellation by the owner Cancellation by the owner: the owner pays the tenant the full amount paid.

  1. Force majeure

Force majeure is defined as any unforeseeable, insurmountable event external to the parties which prevents either the customer or the establishment from fulfilling all or part of the obligations under the contract.

Cases of force majeure or fortuitous events are those usually recognized by the jurisprudence of French courts.

Each party shall not be liable to the other party in the event of non-performance of its obligations resulting from an event of force majeure.

It is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends the parties' performance of their mutual obligations, and that each party shall bear the costs arising therefrom.

****In the case of COVID-19, the establishment accepts last-minute changes and cancellations of stays in the event of a new confinement or traffic restriction being imposed by the government.

There will be no refund if you test positive or are a contact case. Take out cancellation insurance to cover this risk.****

  1. Arrival the tenant on the dayr specified and at the time indicated on this contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, please inform us on (33) 06 64 97 25 16 so that we can organize and welcome you in the best conditions.

  1. Departure On the day of departure, it is imperative to vacate the premises by 10am. Earlier departure is always possible. Please let us know the day before.

  1. Payment of balance The balance of the rental must be paid on arrival at the gîte. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, this must be done 14 days before arrival.

  1. Inventory of fixtures An inventory is available in the gîte, and it is the tenant's responsibility to check it and notify the owner of any problems within 48 hours of moving in.

    The inventory of fixtures form must be signed by both parties, and is considered binding on your departure if nothing has been reported within 48 hours. The state of cleanliness of the gite on the tenant's arrival must be noted in the inventory of fixtures.

    The tenant is responsible for cleaning the premises during the rental period and before departure. The amount of any cleaning charges is calculated on the basis set out below (article XII).

  1. Housekeeping:

Ne leave it up to our guests to decide whether to take the housekeeping option or to do the housework themselves.

The accommodation must be returned in the same state of cleanliness as we left it for you.

  • the dishes must be put away, the dishwasher and fridge emptiedssmall and large appliances cleaned (hob, oven, toaster, etc.)

  • shower (or bathtub), washbasin or basin, toilet cleaned

  • vacuumed and washed floors

  • garbage emptied and washed

  • the barbecue or stove emptied and cleaned



We offer a cleaning option:

  • for "Ty Hélène" and "Ty Jean-Michel": 50€

  • for "Ty Léon-Rose" and "Le Loft": 60€

  • for "Ty Joséphine": €100

  • for "Ty Jeanne-Louise": €120

All you have to do is put away the dishes and fridge, empty the garbage cans, the stove and/oror barbecue,

and unmaking beds.

**J'draw your attention to the state of the kitchen, and especially to the state of the pots, pans pots, pans, plates (...) and other utensils. If the entire kitchen needs to be cleaned from top to bottom due to a lack of daily maintenance, a supplement of 30€ will be charged, regardless of the length of stay or the type of gîte **.

****In the case ofthe COVID-19 and in order to meet specific cleaning and disinfection requirements, we will not be able to prepare the beds for your arrival, which will be entrusted to a dry cleaner, as will the bathroom linen. We will also ask you to undo the beds and remove the mattress covers (mattresses and pillows) and put them in a specific bag when you leave, and proceed in the same way with the bathroom linen.****


  1. Deposit: On arrival, you will be asked to pay a deposit for the gîte and another for the housework, the amounts of which are shown on the rental contract. After the inventory of fixtures has been drawn up, these deposits will be returned to you by post within a period not exceeding 7 days, less the cost of restoring the premises to their original state if any damage has been noted, as well as in the event of early departure (before the time stated on the contract).


  1. Use of the premises Use of the premises: the tenant must maintain the peaceful nature of the premises and use them in accordance with their intended purpose.

Your personal belongings are your responsibility, and we cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft. Please make sure to lock your gite or car.


  1. WIFI, internet connection : INTERNET trust charter

Reminder of the terms of the HADOPI law:

"No illegal downloading of copyrighted works, but also no visiting sites whose content is prohibited by law."

The Taker hereby undertakes to comply with the terms of this HADOPI law.

The Taker is responsible for the use of the Internet access provided during the rental period. Browsing is the sole responsibility of the Taker. It is forbidden to consult Internet pages whose content is prohibited by law.

The Taker, user of the Internet access, undertakes not to use this access for the purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or by a related right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorization.

The Taker, user of the Internet connection, is informed that sharing software, when connected to the Internet, may automatically make downloaded files available. If sharing software has been used to download protected works, it is therefore advisable to deactivate it.

The Taker is also required to comply with the security policy defined by the Landlord and with the rules governing the use of the network and computer equipment.

The Taker may be held criminally liable as a user of Internet access, and may be accused of counterfeiting (article L. 335-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code).

The offence of counterfeiting: Any reproduction, representation or exploitation of an object protected by an intellectual property right carried out without the authorization of the rights holders or the law constitutes an act of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is an offence subject to criminal and civil penalties, punishable by up to 3 years' imprisonment and a €300,000 fine.

***The Tenant acknowledges is solely responsible for Internet connections for the duration of his stay. The use of the access codes and the signature of the present contract are considered as agreement.

In the event of a breach of the law, the Lessor will be obliged to provide the Tenant's contact details to the authorities.***.

As for the network itself, we're at the end of the line in the countryside, so it probably won't be as efficient/fast as in an urbanized area or one served by fiber, even if telecommuting is possible on site:). Thank you for your understanding.

  1. Capacity The present contract is drawn up for a maximum capacity of persons. If the number of guests exceeds the capacity, the owner may refuse to accept additional guests. Any modification or breach of contract will be considered at the customer's initiative.



  1. Pets welcome Pets: when booking, customers must indicate the number of pets they wish to bring with them. The description sheet specifies any extra charges to be expected (pet fee, extra deposit, extra cleaning charge, etc.). Specific terms and conditions for pets may be specified by the owner.r the ownerthe contract may be terminated at the owner's expense.x in the event of non-compliance with these conditions.


We do not charge extra for pets, so please respect the following points:

  • Pets must be kept on a leash when walking outside the gîte.

  • The use of a lanyard in gîtes without enclosed gardens is strongly recommended.

  • Generally speaking, your dogs will note shouldNOT BE LEFT ALONE in the gîte We can provide you with addresses of petsitters if you're away for the day.

  • Sf you're taking the housekeeping package, I'd like you to vacuum or sweep up the bulk of the hair.

  • If your pets are used to climbing on the sofas, they will also do so at the gîte.

    You'll need to bring your plaids and sheets to protect them.

    Ditto if access to the bedroomto avoid hair under the sheets, remember to take an extra comforter cover, for example.

  • For your information, it costs €30 to have a comforter dry-cleaned.

    And as the gîte is open to all, allergy sufferers are also welcome, so please think of them too.

  • We also have dogs, cats, goats and chickens in our little corner of the countryside

  1. Insurance Insurance: the tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him/her. They are required to take out holiday insurance to cover these risks.

    This insurance is essential and must be submitted no later than handing over of the keys.

  2. Payment of charges Charges: At the end of the stay, the tenant must pay the owner for charges not included in the price. The amount is calculated on the basis given in the description, and a receipt is provided by the owner.

  3. Disputes Complaints: Any complaint concerning the state of the property and the description of the rental must be submitted to the Gîtes de France departmental or interdepartmental office within three days of entering the property. All other complaints must be sent by letter as soon as possible.


  1. General information

      1. Children and pets are the responsibility of their parents.

      2. The gîtes are NON-SMOKERS but ashtrays are available for smoking outside. If we find that you have smoked inside the gîte, you will be asked to pay a minimum of 100€, notably to compensate the following customer compensation for the following customer. This amount can go up to the amount paid by the next guest.

      3. You'll need to sort your waste during your stay.

      4. Each gîte has its own private parking space. If there is no more space, your visitors will be invited to park outside the property.

      5. The garden must remain a peaceful place where you can relax. We ask everyone to respect the peace and quiet of others.

The hirer declares that he/she has read and accepts the above general terms and conditions of sale.