Vacations are a time for indulgence...

We'll be delighted to wake up your taste buds with a tasty, gourmet breakfast, on reservation. 

I will discreetly deliver a basket filled with as many fresh, local and seasonal products as possible to your front door:

  • a selection of bread, Viennese pastries or brioche
  • pancakes or cake or homemade cake
  • fruit juice, usually apple juice from an orchard in the Pays d'Auray region
  • a dairy product 
  • a piece of seasonal fruit, whole or in a compote or salad
  • and of course jams, Breton butter and honey.
  • accompanied by your favourite hot beverage: coffee (Brûlerie d'Alré), tea (Dammann) or homemade hot chocolate

For the younger ones, a pastry, a fruit juice and a nice homemade hot chocolate.

  • SALTED OPTION AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL 10€ with a selection of charcuterie, Erdeven cheeses (cow and goat) and fresh eggs from our cocottes.


  • 15€ per adult
  • 8 per child
  • Served from 8.30 a.m.
  • Order 48H in advance
  •  Delivered every day except the day of your departure or my rare absences