The area around the Kervarc'h gîtes

Your suitcases are packed in one of our 6 gîtes at Kervarc'h, and now it's time to relax. Our cottages are all fully equipped and renovated in a spirit of cocooning and relaxation. Ideally located, you have access to numerous activities in the vicinity of the Kervarc'h site. You'll find plenty to keep the family busy, let off steam with friends or enjoy time with your other half.

The Morbihan coastline for a breath of ocean air

Les gîtes de Kervarc'h are located in Erdeven, a commune in the heart of the Grand Site Dunaire Gâvres-Quiberon. With its 8 kilometers of beaches, interspersed with rocky points, Erdeven satisfies your desire for fresh air. Whatever your passion, you'll find something to satisfy it.

beach dog

Lovers of beach walks

Kerhilio beach, one of the longest beaches on the coast, is not to be missed. It offers a breathtaking panorama between the wild coast of Quiberon and Belle-île. It is followed by the beaches of Plouharnel and Saint Pierre Quiberon. Enough to satisfy your desire to stroll along the water's edge.

fishing in morbihan

Fishing enthusiast

Bars, eels, spiders... underwater fishing enthusiasts have a field day in the Ria d'Etel or in a cove between Roche Sèque and Kérouriec. Fishermen on foot are not to be outdone, bringing back crab cakes, curlers, shellfish (mussels) or shrimps.

Water sports fan

Kerhillio beach is also known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Huge and popular, bathing is supervised in July and August. The list of water sports available is as long as the beach itself: surfing, sand yachting, windsurfing, kayaking, funboarding, paddle, kite surfing, speedsailing...

Discover our heritage on the trails

A total of 80 km of signposted footpaths await your discovery of Erdeven's most interesting sites. On foot, by bike (hire available) or even on horseback, you can follow the "Chemin des mégalithes" or the "Sentier de l'océan". If these trails are accessible by bike or on foot from the Kervarc'h gîtes, the beauty of the Breton landscape will make you want to go further to discover the riches of the region's heritage. Discover the coast along the GR 34

Wild dunes from Gâvres to Quiberon

An essential part of the Morbihan coastline, the dunes are part of the local heritage and cover more than 300 hectares. The "Grand Site Dunaire de Gâvres à Quiberon", recently classified as a "Grand Site de France", ensures the preservation of the dunes and the flora and fauna that inhabit them. Wild landscapes, ideal for relaxation and well-being.

Must-see sites

The seven saints

A typical village with a chapel depicting the seven saints of Brittany. Visit from the Kervarch gîtes.

The megaliths of Erdeven

Erdeven boasts more than 1,000 menhirs and dolmens: the Kerzerho alignments and its giants (and the sacrificial table), Caesar's chair and the Mané Braz and Mané Croc'h dolmens, the Crucuno dolmen...

The 6 chapels

Cycle between the 6 chapels: Saint Sauveur, Saint Germain, Lisveur, Loperhet, Lann groëz and Etel.

You'll also love Château de Keravéon and its 16th-century keep.
At Manoir de Kercadio, legend has it that these two fortifications are linked by underground passages.
Set off in search of them.

Nearby towns to discover

Etel and the splendid Ria either by boat from the port, or on foot to Nostang, belz, Saint-Cado, pont-Lorois...
Gâvresand Port-Louis (20 km away). Theisland of Groix.
Quiberon and its wild coast. Carnac and its megaliths (10 km away) . La Trinité sur Mer (15 km) . Locmariaquer (20 km) .
Auray and its medieval port of Saint-Goustan .
Gulf of Morbihan. Vannes.

Google map bringing you the must-sees(click on map)

A taste of Breton tradition.

Brittany is well known for its culture and numerous festivals. During your stay in Erdeven, you can try your hand at traditional Breton dancing every Thursday evening in the town hall square (summer only). The many fest-noz and fest-deiz events organized throughout the year will open their doors to you for a few hours of sweaty folk dancing. In August, the Festival Interceltique de Lorient brings together all those with a passion for the Celtic tradition. An event not to be missed.

winter vegetables at the market

Cooking with good local produce

Take your time, that's the motto for your vacation at the Gîtes de Kervarc'h.

Before you arrive, I'll send you a list of local producers and markets near the Gîtes: in Auray, Carnac, Quiberon, Etel ...

You can also find them by clicking HERE

Hear, smell, see, touch and taste: shop and awaken your senses.