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The Nichtarguer

The Ria d'Etel, an enchanting inland sea

An escapade in the Ria d'Etel

An exceptional location

A real gem, it's a must-see on your vacation in the Pays d'Auray.

Just a 5-minute drive from the gîtes de Kervarc'h, this site is truly exceptional, poetic and inspiring... it's not for nothing that many painters settle here.

A parking lot is located at the entrance to the village of Saint Cado, allowing you to get there on foot to better appreciate and preserve the site 😉

The village on the landward side has all the charm of Brittany, with its exposed granite rubble and fishermen's cottages...

A story

Then there's the island of Saint Cado, where legend has it that Saint Cado, one of Brittany's seven saints, negotiated the construction of the bridge with the devil in exchange for the first soul to cross it, and a poor cat was sacrificed...

You know her without knowing her...

And last but not least, theNichtarguer islet and the house with its blue openings and two chimneys, photographed many times!

In Breton, it's the "oyster house", a former oyster farmer's residence, unoccupied since the 1970s.

Starting point for your hikes

You can also walk along the Etel river on either side of Saint Cado on the "circuit_etre_douar_ar_mor" hiking trail, which can be found on the Belz town hall website (

A path runs alongside the Ria, sometimes very narrow, and allows you to discover magnificent panoramas that vary according to the time of day and the amount of sunshine...

Part of this route follows the GR34.

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